Tackle real-world work patterns

Resource assessment, or for that matter, any other engineering analysis, is rarely a linear path. An assessment will undergo many revisions to reflect new information or assumptions. Perhaps more data has arrived, or the calibration was applied incorrectly, or maybe there will be wind sector management after all. At the same time, assessments are necessary to decide between competing questions such as the implication of choosing turbine model A relative to B, or layout X vs. layout Y. Analysis life cycles are often iterative (revisions) or branching (what-ifs) and rarely a single linear pass.


Our Nodles visual analysis platform allows analysts to transparently compose their analysis flow. If revisions are required, an analyst can simply update the analysis flow diagram and the platform will update the results to reflect the updated data or assumptions. If a different “what-if” scenario needs to be considered, then an analyst can branch an existing analysis to track and evaluate an alternative scenario.

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