More time on analysis, less on mundane data tasks

Analysts spend the majority of time spinning the cogs of their analysis workflows. This means managing files and folders, completing manual data entry & analysis, moving results of analysis from one program to another, and a lot of effort to ensure no errors are made in this manual juggling. We have heard it described as all the “work” necessary to just start the real “work”. Often, the cognitive energy spent on arriving at a “result” means one is happy to just get the result “out the door”.

These are some of the challenges we aim to solve. We have contributed and adopted data standards that help avoid manual work by enabling standardization and digitization of field measurements. Our visualization platform is directly synced to our back-end data store, which means any data is instantly reachable and visualized. Our visual platform allows analysts to visually compose (draw and document) an analysis while the platform solely handles the execution, moving data seamlessly from one stage to another. This allows cognitive energy to remain focused on enabling understanding and insights.

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