A database first approach

Your analysis and data are likely scattered across multiple folders. It makes sense, we often work on a project-centric basis. When a business decision is required, the team processes campaign measurement data until the required technical output is reached. The analysis workbooks are shelved away in spreadsheets, word documents, or in proprietary file formats of software programs. However, this locks away important analytical outputs in a format that is not easily aggregated or searchable. Straightforward questions such as estimating shear or degree of icing for a region or topography based on historical analysis results isn’t easy if data is not centrally stored, organized, and query-able.

That is why we believe in a database-first approach for managing analysis and data. Our platform ships with a built-in database that is purpose-built for resource assessment. Whether your team has 10 or 1000+ measurement campaign locations, you will be able to visualize, process, and query your data with speed and ease.

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